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Mindset Transformation coach empowering high-achieving women to conquer imposter syndrome, ignite self-love, supercharge self-confidence and revolutionize their relationship with themselves the "Love Me First" way.

Love Me First Life Coaching

Rita is a Mindset Transformation coach and hypnotherapist helping high-achieving women who have never felt “Good Enough” gain clarity around their passions and purpose in life so they can rewrite their story and transform into the superhero that lives and leads a balanced, sustainable, and fulfilling life.

Mindset Transformation Coaching

Hi, I'm Rita Powell

As a survivor of multiple severe traumas and abuses, I understand how hard it is to step out of the darkness and bring light to the shadows that haunt you.

It’s my own journey, together with my training as a life coach, that allows me to support you in the practice of daily awareness techniques that are essential in revealing and healing the long-hidden beliefs holding you back.

Are you feeling stuck and struggling to find the freedom from imposter syndrome that you so desperately seek? I can help you create the same beautiful life experiences, accomplishments, and fulfilled dreams as everyone else.

Nice to meet you!


I currently offer three programs:

Flip the Script: By application-only, 12-week signature coaching program working directly and privately with me.

The Journey to a Beautiful, Authentic Life: a self-paced, online course. (Coming Soon)

Finally Free Bootcamp: The Secret to Overcoming the Beliefs That Limit You (Coming Soon)


Free Mindset Transformation Workshop

Discover which limiting beliefs you have placed on yourself that is keeping you from achieving your goals! Register now for instant access.

The 4 limiting beliefs that hold you back from living the life you deserve and how to clear them.

Ready to rewrite your life story and claim the freedom and confidence you've only dared to dream of.

Ready to become that confident, self-assured woman you've always admired.

Over the control that low self-worth and imposter syndrome  has in your life.

Ready to show up, stand up, and speak up like never before.

If you're:

I'm ready!

CW2 Roadmap

Then you are in the right spot! The CW2 Roadmap, is just what you need! I teach a new life transformation paradigm that empowers high-achieving women to break down the walls and build a new solid foundation for a purposeful life mastering their emotions, their mind, and their voice by breaking through the patterns of self-sabotage.

Signature Program

The Podcast

Flip the Script & Love Yourself First

episodes coming soon

The Flip Your Script & Love Yourself First podcast is for women who no longer want to be defined by their trauma and are tired of living life on autopilot. 

I'll share my experiences as a trauma survivor and will bring together trauma experts and survivors to remind you, sister, a beautiful life waiting for you!

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